Audit & Quality

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you really know the quality of your software?
  • Are your applications really scalable and maintainable?
  • Do you know if your development teams know and apply the fundamental principles of Object Oriented Design (SRP / OCP / DIP ...)?

Today, all these issues are essential for those responsible for legacy applications and software!

All too often, unfortunately, the quality of application code is neglected for the sake of rapid development and cost reductions. It is very difficult to get applications that are robust, scalable and reusable. If you observe that your applications become increasingly complex, as and when there are changes, be aware that this does not have to be an inevitability.

Zenika can quickly establish an inventory and measure the quality of your applications. If the audit results are positive, it allows you to validate the performance of your teams and your architecture. If, on the other hand, the audit reveals problems with the quality of the code, we are able to help you improve it.

In the end, to allow your team to win their autonomy, we have a comprehensive curriculum devoted to architecture and code quality.

Michael IsvyAudit & Quality